Development of Talent Pool
Talent Nuturing

Employees are the integral part and most valuable resource of a company, and thus should be properly deployed, nurtured and fostered.

If employees have strong sense of belonging to their company and feel proud and satisfaction of their achievements, they certainly are beneficial to the growth of a company. Therefore, a company shall devote what it has to provide its employees with reasonable rewards, decent working environment and fair promotion opportunities.

In order to accelerate the establishment of its talent pool, our company has, in line with its development strategy, a comprehensive talent nurturing system in place so as not only to instill its corporate culture, empower its employees and improve efficiency, but also fairly identify, nature and foster reserve talents to support the sustainable development of NWDS.

Nurturing talents with respect, care and trust.

Talent Pipeline Building

Our company has, in line with its business and development strategy and for the purpose of talent nurturing for various levels of our company, implem ented the“Project Sanpeng-Career Advancement Initiatives” so as to ensure a robust talent pool is in place for key positions, which effectively reduces the risk of loss of talents on one hand, and provides systematic training and support to its employees through their career journey on the other. Under this project, talents with all-round competence are trained to be ready to serve our company.

“Project Sanpeng - Career Advancement Initiatives” is designed for both core and potential talents. This step-by-step talent nurturing program covers regular talent selection, job skill training, target-driven training, career competency development, improvement in comprehensive management ability and practical experience acquisition, enabling our talents under training to enhance their comprehensive operation and management capabilities.

The“Management Trainee Cultivation Plan” is designed for those potential talents selected from “Project Dapeng” who possess outstanding operation ability and remarkable management skills. Through on-the-job training, they can secure a fast-track promotion to store managers.

The“Project Dapeng” is designed for middle-level department heads who have demonstrated their abilities to lead their departments with professional services and made contribution to our company. Through career nurturing, they are trained to become inter-departmental or regional heads.

The “Project Feipeng” is designed for those outstanding employees with certain professional skills and management knowledge in various departments. Through career nurturing, they are trained to become department heads or persons in charge of functional departments of regional branches.

The “Project Xinpeng” is designed for university graduates and post-graduates who show passion for working in retail industry. Through career nurturing, they are trained to become the backbone of our.


On-the-job Capacity Building

We design training programs for our employees at all levels based on their job positions and corresponding set of skills (such as covering career competency, management skills and leadership) which should be acquired first, and tailor made plans for their competency enhancement. Through the learning process that includes thinking, interaction, exchange of ideas and practice, they will be able to understand the importance of upgrading their skill level for better performance, and ultimately strengthening the core competition edges of our company.

Business-focused Development

We hold targeted training programs and seminars that surround on the focus of our company's current business operation, core issues, weaknesses and areas of growth. Through improvement in the special areas, employees shall be able to solve problems, which in turn improve the performance and facilitate the growth of our company.

Corporate Culture Improvement

In order to create a learning atmosphere for the promotion of a self-learning, company-wide learning and team learning culture in our company, various learning activities such as “Joyful Studying and Smart Sharing”and “Joyful Action”were organized that aimed at stimulating employees' creative thinking so as to develop a self-motivated and sustainable culture as a learning organization.

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