"Green Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign" 2016 Successfully Concluded The Newly-Added Moon Cake Collection Drive Gained Strong Support from More than 1,000 Customers
24  Oct  2016

(24 October 2016 – Hong Kong) New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in Mainland China, announced that the sixth “Green Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign” held between 14 to 30 September successfully concluded. Close to 1,200 excessive moon cake boxes were collected during the period, taking the accumulative total over the years to about 26,200 boxes. The first “Be a Blessed Giver – Moon Cake Donation Drive” was held concurrently with the campaign and received close to 950 moon cakes. All the collected resources were transferred to recyclers or donated to those in need through social and charitable organizations. The two initiatives promoted eco-awareness and demonstrated NWDS’ care for the society at the same time.

As a token of appreciation to participating customers, NWDS presented specially-selected gifts such as soaps, candy jars, stainless steel cutlery, home decors, storage containers, and movie vouchers to the donors in addition to the discount offers on apparel, accessories and food and beverage. Customers were motivated to take their generosity to the next level and donate unconsumed moon cakes at home for the needy. During the event period, NWDS’ stores across the country set up mega-sized backdrops entitled “Blissful Mid-Autumn Festival – the NWDS’ Graffiti Story” where customers wrote and shared their festive messages for their loved ones and snapped pictures in front of it. Moreover, the stores also came up with various green activities that relate to the local communities. Tianjin New World Department Store, for example, organized a number of parent-children DIY workshops to teach children to transform moon cake boxes into creative art works so as to encourage them to care for the environment from a young age. Members of Wuhan New World Department Store – Xudong Branch Store, on the other hand, visited the elderly with love-filled moon cakes and festive warmth. Furthermore, a Weibo retweeting activity called “Blissful Mid-Autumn Festival – the NWDS’ Graffiti Story” was held on “NWDS CSR Weibo”. Some 2,000 fans were attracted to leave comments, which generated an online success in promoting an eco-friendly Mid-Autumn Festival.

Ms. Violet Chan, Assistant General Manager of Corporate Communication and Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee of NWDS, said, “We have been running the ‘Green Mid-Autumn Festival – Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign’ for six years. Our aim is to share the important topic of environmental protection with our customers and communities. As part of the Group’s newly-launched ‘NWDS’ Theory of Happiness’ which advocates to take great care of our customers in every aspect of their lives, we place equal importance on resources conservation, waste reduction, and caring for the communities. We also strive to inject more meaning to traditional Chinese festivals as an effort to bring people closer together. We are very grateful for the enthusiastic support from our customers. Thanks to the wonderful motivation they provided, we will continue to optimize our events in order to promote eco-awareness alongside with spreading happiness and care throughout our communities.”

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