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Press Release


NWDS Joins Hand with Philips to Upgrade Store Lighting System to Reduce Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions while Delivering a Delightful and Comfortable Shopping Environment

28 March 2013

(28 March 2013 – Hong Kong) New World Department Store China Limited (“NWDS” or the “Company”; Hong Kong stock code: 825), one of the largest owners and operators of department stores in the PRC, is pleased to announce the completion of applying Philips LED lighting system at 15 NWDS stores which has achieved a desirable result. Every NWDS store involved not only saves hundreds of thousands of RMB from its electricity bill annually, but also reduces 2,077 tonnes of carbon emissions per annum, further showcasing the Company’s commitment to undertaking corporate social responsibility. Besides, the new lighting system has brought consumers a more comfortable and delightful shopping experience, further strengthening the Company’s overall competitiveness. 

NWDS cooperated with Philips Lighting to replace its basic lighting devices with LED lighting system at 15 NWDS stores last year. In department store sector, about 50% of energy cost relates to lighting, therefore, one of the most cost-effective methods is to adopt more energy efficient lighting solution. Taking Beijing New World Department Store as an example, it can achieve an annual saving of RMB 2 million as a result of the lighting upgrade. Most importantly, every 1 kWh of energy saved can significantly lower harmful emissions. It is estimated that carbon emissions can be reduced by 2,077 tonnes per annum and by 16,615 tonnes in eight years.  

The rapid development of LED lighting technology in recent years has underlined their features on creating delightful and charming ambience, presenting more vibrant and diversified light and shadow to users. The upgraded lighting system minimizes heat generation and enhances consumers’ shopping experience at NWDS stores. Mr. Zhu Wengin, Business Director of Philips Lighting China said, “We have especially applied the state-of-the-art LED modules to ensure quality and color consistency of the light emitted. The LED lighting system not only enhances energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption by more than 55% in real-life application, but also has a longer service life of more than six years, which can greatly reduce human and material resource inputs on its maintenance. An innovative LED lighting solution can present merchandises in their best shape and create a comfortable and delightful shopping ambience to consumers.” 

In this transformation project, NWDS broke new ground to introduce Energy Management Contract (“EMC”) model in the lighting solution jointly developed with Philips and Shenzhen GCL Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. (“GCL”) to serve the purposes of energy saving and being environmental friendly. “NWDS is the pioneer among leading Chinese department stores to adopt the EMC model, setting up a good example in the industry. Confidence in Philips’ technology and products as well as NWDS’ reputation has backed GCL to take part in the project.” said Mr. Zhang Jianyuan, President of Shenzhen GCL Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd. 

Ms. Rebecca Woo, Director of Corporate Affairs and Chairman of Sustainability Steering Committee of NWDS said, “NWDS is committed to promoting environmental protection through actively organizing numerous green activities advocating for energy saving, emission reduction and resource recycling. On the occasion of NWDS’ 20th Anniversary, NWDS transforms its lighting system at stores with the help from Philips and Shenzhen GCL with literally zero upfront investment. The EMC model adopted can reduce energy consumption by more than 55% annually and save nearly RMB 10 million from electricity bills and maintenance, furthermore, achieving the Company’s sustainability mission by practicing an energy-saving and emission-reduction operation model. The upgraded lighting system has improved the shopping environment so as to strengthen our competitiveness. Looking forward, we will continue to explore more energy-saving solutions to help building a sustainable community in many ways.” 

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