Corporate Sustainability
Staff Benefits and Development

NWDS believes that talent development plays a vital role in the success of corporate sustainable development. Therefore, apart from offering a competitive remuneration and welfare package, the Company carries through the conviction of “Nurture Talents with Respect, Care and Trust” and provides a comprehensive training system and talent development program to help our employees advance their career. To foster relationship with our fellow staff, NWDS also holds staff-caring activities frequently to enhance corporate coherence.

NWDS Management Academy Co-organizes “Certificate Program of Further Studies in Retail Operation and Management 2014” with Shanghai Jiao Tong University

To satisfy the Company’s needs for quality and professional management personnel to cope with its strategic transformation and business development, NWDS Management Academy co-organized the "Certificate Program of Further Studies in Retail Operation and Management 2014" again with the renowned Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which is open for application now. The curriculum of the program covers four modules: integrated operations, department store operations, shopping center operations and private label management. Interested parties can download the registration form to apply for the program.

Advanced Project Feipeng – NWDS Management “Golden Ladder” Nurturing Program

NWDS launched the largest talent pool building project in the year, “Advanced Project Feipeng – NWDS Management ‘Golden Ladder’ Nurturing Program”, which aims at upgrading the operating and industry knowledge of elite staff at middle and senior levels through internship and overseas study tours, so as to enhance NWDS' competitiveness.

2014 Think Tank Presentation Session

“2014 Think Tank Presentation Session” was held in Wuhan in May 2014 to commend outstanding suggestions. More than 30 suggestions collected were instrumental to conserving corporate resources, improving working environment, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting business performance.

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