Corporate Sustainability
Community Services

NWDS has been actively involved in social welfare activities and has participated in a large number of charitable events taking place in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Group's effort has been widely endorsed by our customers and the public, and was repeatedly awarded the “Caring Company” logo.

NWDS Holds Nationwide Used Book Donation Campaign

Used Book Donation Campaign" was carried out in all NWDS stores in June. Over 71,000 collected books were donated to schools in remote mountainous regions or charitable organizations to promote resource recycling and environmental protection. Moreover, the campaign cultivated a reading atmosphere and provided more opportunities to young people who thirst for knowledge, helping them to broaden their horizons.

Love Donation Event for Zhouqu Landslide Victims

In August 2010, Lanzhou Store initiated the donation event for Zhouqu landslide victims and raised money and materials for their compatriot victims. Their action was positively commended by Lanzhou’s Red Cross Society. Meanwhile, the employees and customers of Wuhan New World Department Store- Xudong Branch Store also raised money for the victims of Zhouqu landslide, which was sent to the disastrous area by Wuhan’s Red Cross Society. Through the love offering of our employees, we tried to help our compatriot victims as quickly as possible and facilitate the reconstruction progress of the disastrous area.

Blood Donation Events

The employees of Wuhan Qiaokou Branch Store, together with the employees of Wuhan New World Hotel and K11 Gourmbt Tower, organized the blood donation event under the slogan “Cheer up Life with Love” from July to August 2010. In addition, Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Huaihai Branch Store, Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Pujian Branch Store and Taizhou New World Department Store also vigorously responded to the local blood donation campaigns and encouraged their employees to participate to contribute to the society.

MSF Day 2010

In July 2010, NWDS became the key sponsor for the campaign for the fourth consecutive year. With over 26,000 staff participated in the event, New World Group raised HK$410,000 for MSF Day 2010.

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