Corporate Sustainability
Community Services

NWDS has been actively involved in social welfare activities and has participated in a large number of charitable events taking place in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Group's effort has been widely endorsed by our customers and the public, and was repeatedly awarded the “Caring Company” logo.

Title-sponsoring “NWDS Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon 2015” for the Second Time in a Row

NWDS title-sponsored the “Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon 2015” for the second consecutive year. The marathon, which took place on 1 November 2015, broke the record and recruited over 2,300 runners to challenge the Wilson Trail and the MacLehose Trail, an increase of about 3% compared to last year, and raised an education-aid fund of over HKD2.4 million. All staff members gave full support to the marathon. Apart from making donation of HKD0.45 million, many NWDS staff, including three elite runners among its employees and customers in Mainland China, signed up for the 12km, 26km and 42km marathon with enthusiasm. After intensive preparations, they achieved excellent results that Bing Gu ranked the second runner up in the category of 42km Individual Men Open with the completion time of 4:32:21 while many more garnered merit awards. Furthermore, many NWDS staff volunteered to cheer for runners along the way. The Company also organized a nationwide sustainability activity, “Take the Challenge! Battle Arena Games!”, at the stores concurrently to increase customers’ awareness on the marathon. Over 500 customers took the challenges of tissue relay, can toss and “Sowers Action Hunt Challenge – Nametag Ripping” yesterday, to compete for the title of biggest caregiver with Hong Kong runners.

LOL X Sowers Action Charity Sale

NWDS organized the “LOL X Sowers Action Charity Sale” at LOL (Love·Original·Life) Concept Shop, the Company’s private label, from 1st to 31st August 2015. All the money raised from this activity was donated to Sowers Action to help under-resourced students in Mainland China fulfill their study dreams. During the event period, NWDS also held in-store “New World Department Store Sowers Action Challenging 12 Hours Charity Marathon 2015” exhibition to help customers learn more about Sowers Action’s provision of education aid in Mainland China.

“@Dream Sustainable Development Program” Organizes Annual Performance

In September 2014, NWDS held @Dream Sustainable Development Program’s annual performance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with the participation of over 700 teachers, students and representatives from different community groups to witness the students’ achievements over the past year. The “@Dream Sustainable Development Program” received country-wide recognition and the highlights of the annual performance were featured on the news channel of Shanghai Television and Fengxian Television unprecedentedly, generating a total of 117 news reports.

NWDS Inaugurates “Volunteer Month” 340 Volunteers Nationwide Play “Dragon Boat Racing” Game with About 900 Under-resourced Children

NWDS sets the month of June as the “Volunteer Month” to further promote the significance of volunteer service. In the first “Volunteer Month”, NWDS responded to the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival and worked with 25 non-profit associations, including Wuhan Huapolu Primary School, Xi'an Huiling Community Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities, Xinyun Children’s Rehabilitation Center and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, to hold a volunteer activity with the theme of “New World •Watch Me Play in the Dragon Boat Race” simultaneously across the country in June 2014. The activity received huge support from employees in China and Hong Kong. As many as 340 volunteers replicated the classic “dragon boat racing” game with about 900 under-resourced children across the country, contributing about 960 service hours in total.

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