Corporate Sustainability
Community Services

NWDS has been actively involved in social welfare activities and has participated in a large number of charitable events taking place in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Group's effort has been widely endorsed by our customers and the public, and was repeatedly awarded the “Caring Company” logo.

Store Sent Blessing to Poverty Children

During Christmas season in 2006, Harbin New World Department Store co-organized a charity sale, “Childhood Dream Comes True” with UNICEF, aiming to raise fund to finance basic education for children living in poverty regions in China. Harbin Store collected around 1,000 items of men’s and women’s apparel in total from major suppliers and set up special sales counters. Customers could write down words of blessings for poor children on a “Heartwarming Message Board” specially mounted on site. All blessings and proceeds from charity sale were donated to UNICEF. In addition, Beijing New World Department Store held a meaningful event, “Fortune Comes to Wishing Well” from December 2006 to March 2007. All coins collected were subsequently donated to a special UNICEF fund in aid of AIDS orphans.

NWDS Raises HK$300,000 for "MSF Day 2007"

"The 7.30 MSF Day" was unveiled in May 2007 with the slogan of "Let's Donate a Day's Income and Volunteer for MSF", the organization invited the public to donate a day's income to support the worldwide medical relief work of MSF. It was generously supported by over ten thousand citizens in the territory, in which 229 public, private companies and the government departments (16 of them were government departments and donors) had participated. Until 30 July 2007, the event raised more than HK$ 4 million. As the key sponsor of the event, NWDS has raised HK$300,000, together with the donations raised by the New World Group, a sum of $520,000 was raised from the whole Group. In 2007, more than 2,000 staff members responded with donations in support of the MSF Day. New World Group thus became the corporation with the highest number of participants. At the same time, the Group was the top corporate fundraiser for MSF Day for the second consecutive year. The Group would continue to collaborate with MSF to care for those who are sick and unfortunate.

MSF Day 2007

"MSF Day 2007", the annual fund-raising campaign of MSF Hong Kong was held on 30 July 2007. The kick-off ceremony was held at Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan on 27 May 2007. With the slogan of "Let's Donate a Day's Income and Volunteer for MSF", guests from different walks of life urged the public to donate a day's income to support the frontline medical relief work of MSF. New World Group has been the supporter for MSF's work ever since 2006. It has also become the top corporate fundraiser for "MSF Day" in the same year. In 2007, NWDS responded without any hesitation. It became the key sponsor of "MSF Day" to demonstrate its overwhelming support to the organization's humanitarian work.

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