Corporate Sustainability
Community Services

NWDS has been actively involved in social welfare activities and has participated in a large number of charitable events taking place in Mainland China and Hong Kong. The Group's effort has been widely endorsed by our customers and the public, and was repeatedly awarded the “Caring Company” logo.

“Busy Ping Pong” Nationwide Voluntary Activity Conveys Festive Blessings to Under-resourced Children

“Busy Ping Pong” Nationwide Voluntary Activity Conveys Festive Blessings to Under-resourced Children.

In December 2015, NWDS organized a sport-themed Christmas parties, “Busy Ping Pong” nationwide voluntary activity for the second year. More than 150 volunteers across the country transformed themselves into Santa Claus, played table tennis games with 650 under-resourced children and accompanied them to create table tennis-inspired handicrafts, contributing over 400 service hours.


Stores Initiate Activities to Care for Autism Children

In April 2015, stores in the South Eastern China Region initiated the “Love Makes the Sky Blue” campaign to call for donations from employees and customers. Hong Kong New World Department Store - Shanghai Chengshan Branch Store even went for an extra mile to display autism children’s paintings in store and made them into postcards for charity sale to raise more funds. Wuhan New World Department Store - Hanyang Branch Store has launched the “Caring for Autism Children” activity to promote autism related knowledge, and enhance society’s awareness on patients suffering from autism.

NWDS @Dream Annual Games

NWDS held an annual heavy-weighted event of the @Dream Sustainable Development Program, “NWDS @Dream Annual Games”, from July to September 2015, to increase public awareness to whole-person development and recognize students for their continuous hard work. The Games is consisted of five key components, namely the “@Dream Cup・Soccer Tournament”, the “@Dream Cup・Tennis Tournament”, the “@Dream Sunshine Teen” Voting Campaign, the “Demonstration Show cum Award Ceremony of @Dream Annual Games’ Finalists” and the “@Dream Sunshine Teen Charity Actions”. The “Demonstration Show cum Award Ceremony of @Dream Annual Games’ Finalists” was held at Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club’s training center on 25 September 2015, inviting over 400 people from all walks of life to appreciate the superb football and tennis skills of the winning teams of the “@Dream Cup・Soccer Tournament” and the “@Dream Cup・Tennis Tournament”. The “@Dream Sunshine Teen” winner, Zhou Yuxuan, was also selected on that day.


The Second “Volunteer Month” Activity

NWDS organized its second “Volunteer Month” activity in June 2015. With the theme of “NWDS‧Soccer Fever”, various soccer-inspired competitions and games were organized for over 900 under-resourced children in Mainland China. More than 300 NWDS volunteers participated in the activity and contributed over 1,500 service hours.

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