Corporate Sustainability
Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection has always been a core task in the Group's sustainable development agenda. The Company executed various green measures on operations level, including recycling and reuse of disposable items, reduction of food waste and energy conservation. On the other hand, we encouraged our staff and customers to adopt green lifestyle by taking part in environmental protection activities supported or initiated by the Group.

Participating in “Earth Hour” for the 6th Consecutive Year And Pioneering “Unplugged Concert” to Promote Resources Conservation

NWDS has participated in the global lights-off event, “Earth Hour”, for the sixth consecutive year. 42 NWDS stores and offices across the country turned off non-essential lighting such as neon signs, large billboard lights and signs from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on 28 March 2015. To further engage its customers and the public, three stores across different operating regions held their first spectacular “Unplugged Concerts” in cooperation with local bands and arts organizations during the lights-off period to call for public support on cherishing natural resources.

NWDS Organizes its First Outdoor Green Activity “Reaching Out to Nature” to Experience Nature With Customers

NWDS ended “Reaching Out to Nature”, its first outdoor green activity took place from 25 April to 2 May 2015, with satisfaction. The activity was held the first time in response to customers’ calls for moving green activities door and resulted in an overwhelming participation of over 1,900 customers and VIP members. Through visiting to farm and ecological sites and other outdoor green activities, customers’ knowledge and awareness to protect the environment has been greatly enhanced.

NWDS Held the Fourth “Go Green with NWDS” Nationwide Green Activity Promotes Wearing Green and Eating Green

NWDS organized the fourth “Go Green with NWDS” nationwide green activity, from 5 to 14 June in response to the United Nations’ World Environment Day on 5 June. The activity were supported by over 12,000 “green” customers and more than 9,600 small potted plants have been given away by NWDS stores across the country, representing a remarkable increase of about 85% from last year. To align with this year’s new theme of “Low-carbon diet”, many NWDS stores held in-store cooking demonstrations and successfully encouraged the public to practice green dieting.

The Fifth “Green Mid-Autumn Festival- Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign”

NWDS held the fifth “Green Mid-Autumn Festival- Moon Cake Box Recycling Campaign” from 26 September to 9 October 2015 and successfully collected over 2,800 redundant moon cake boxes, totaling about 25,000 boxes over the years. To further advocate waste utilization, a serious of workshops and exhibitions featuring green lanterns were held this year and well received by customers with over 700 participants, successfully seeding the message of environmental protection in customers.

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