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Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection has always been a core task in the Group’s sustainable development agenda. The Company executed various green measures on operations level, including recycling and reuse of disposable items, reduction of food waste and energy conservation. On the other hand, we encouraged our staff and customers to adopt green lifestyle by taking part in environmental protection activities supported or initiated by the Group.


NWDS Organizes Food Waste Reduction Activity

In order to encourage our customers and staff members to pay close attention to food waste problem and reduce waste, all stores of NWDS carried out Food Waste Reduction Activity since May 2011. A poster themed "Moving up, support food waste recycle" was designed for posting in NWDS offices and stores, encouraging customers and staff members to concern about food waste problem as well as learning more about food waste recycle method. In addition, all stores will convey food waste information to staff members during morning assembly every week.

NWDS Organizes Food Waste Reduction Activity

Stores Takes an Active Part in Afforestation Projects

NWDS stores took an active part in afforestation projects in March and April. On 12 March 2011, the China Arbor Day, Chengdu New World Department Store, New World China Land and Chow Tai Fook had put together a team of 30 tree planters and participated in the “Plant A Tree for Wenchuan” tree planting activity at the 12th May Sichuan Earthquake Relics Park in Wenchuan. Additionally, employees of Dalian New World Department Store took an active part in the extensive afforestation project organized by the municipal government on 9 April 2011. They bicycled to the tree planting site and planted trees themselves, putting their environmental ideology into practice.

Stores Takes an Active Part in Afforestation Projects

36 stores of NWDS give all-out support to the “Earth Hour”

In the evening on 26 March 2011, 36 stores of NWDS played a part in the collective actions to positively change the Earth by participating in the “Earth Hour” activity initiated by World Wide Fund for Nature. From 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 26 March 2011, unnecessary lighting devices were turned off for an hour, creating a low-carbon and sustainable future.

36 stores of NWDS give all-out support to the “Earth Hour”
  • 36 stores of NWDS give all-out support to the “Earth Hour”
  • 36 stores of NWDS give all-out support to the “Earth Hour”

Several New World Department Stores Organize Used Battery Recycling Activities

In February 2011, used battery recycling activities were held in Anshan New World Department Store, Wuhan New World Department Store - Xudong Branch Store, Taizhou New World Department Store Store, Ningbo New World Department Store and Ningbo New World Trendy Department Store, recycling used battery to promote environmental awareness.

Several New World Department Stores Organize Used Battery Recycling Activities

Fully Implementing the Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Programs

Since January 2011, all stores of NWDS have respectively launched their own carbon reduction programs with adjustments made according to actual situation of each store. Programs included upgrading the lighting system by introducing energy efficient lamps, operating escalators under automatic frequency conversion function mode and energy efficient air-conditioning systems. All of which have rendered remarkable effect.

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