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Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection has always been a core task in the Group’s sustainable development agenda. The Company executed various green measures on operations level, including recycling and reuse of disposable items, reduction of food waste and energy conservation. On the other hand, we encouraged our staff and customers to adopt green lifestyle by taking part in environmental protection activities supported or initiated by the Group.


“Beauty of Water” Photography Contest

To tie in with its parent company, New World Group’s commitment on sustainability, and advocate for water resources preservation, NWDS held the “Beauty of Water” Photography Contest from 7 to 23 September 2012 at all its stores across the nation. Participants can capture anything related to water to highlight the significance and magnificent of water resources in different environment, promoting the appreciation of “Beauty of Water” through camera. The activity received enthusiastic response from the customers and attracted around 22,000 people to enter the Contest and over 130,000 people to take part in the voting.

“Beauty of Water” Photography Contest

Stores of NWDS Launch Barter Activities to Promote Low-carbon Living

In August, Chengdu New World Department Store and Wuhan New World Department Store - Hanyang Branch Store held barter activities respectively to promote low-carbon lifestyle. The event in Chengdu Store received tremendous support from its staff and had gathered nearly 100 items in total. In addition to applying rating system to all the items, the store also held an auction for some of the popular items. For Wuhan Hanyang Branch Store, its outdoor plaza not only became a hot spot for the traders, a rich variety of goods on display attracted a large number of passers-by to take part into the event.

Stores of NWDS Launch Barter Activities to Promote Low-carbon Living
  • Stores of NWDS Launch Barter Activities to Promote Low-carbon Living
  • Stores of NWDS Launch Barter Activities to Promote Low-carbon Living

“Let’s Go Green” Planting Competition to Promote Green Spirit

In order to enhance staff's awareness on environmental protection and to advocate for a green working environment, NWDS organized the "Let's Go Green" planting competition at all stores and offices from November 2011 to June 2012. Employees were encouraged to upload photos of their growing plants to NWDS weibo, so as to share their achievements with the public and to further promote the green message. The event received overwhelming response from staff.

Stores of NWDS Support Green and Charity Activities on International Children’s Day

On International Children's Day, a spectacular Children Green Fashion Show was carried out in Changsha New World Department Store, which attracted more than 60 participants. Participating children designed their own cartoon image and put on costumes made of newspapers, environmental bags, plastic and other disposal materials. Besides celebrating International Children's Day, the event promoted the spirit of "Green New World" and encouraged public to participate in recycling. In addition, the staff of Harbin New World Department Store formed a volunteer team to support International Children's Day - Love Sports Day organized by the Harbin Disabled Persons' Federation, serving autistic children with love and care.

Stores of NWDS Support Green and Charity Activities on International Children’s Day

NWDS Stores Carry out Phase II of the Food Waste Reduction Activity

In order to raise staff’s awareness about the food waste problem, NWDS stores carried out Phase II of the food waste reduction activity from October 2011 to 2012. Apart from staff broadcast and in-store posters, stores made different arrangements for the activity, such as adjusting food portion, deploying supervisors to monitor food consumption at lunch, offering appropriate incentives to staff without wasting food, so as to encourage staff to reduce food waste. To further enhance staff’s awareness on food waste, for instance, Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Xinning Branch Store and Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Changning Branch Store held the “Love the Earth, No More Food Waste” activity from January to March 2012. Staff who could clear their plates were given a stamp for redeeming yogurt and milk, encouraging them to cherish food.

NWDS Stores Carry out Phase II of the Food Waste Reduction Activity
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