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Corporate Sustainability

@Dream Sustainable Development Program

@Dream Sustainable Development Program

Building sustainable community and improving livelihood of the community are high on NWDS’ sustainability agenda. Taking the moment of the 20th anniversary, the Company kicked off “@Dream Sustainable Development Program”, the largest nationwide sustainable development community project in its history from July 2013 to April 2014. All 41 NWDS stores in the mainland as well as in its Hong Kong and Shanghai offices collaborate with a number of local non-profit organizations, community groups and schools to launch a variety of activities with an objective of helping under-resourced children to pursue their dreams, and to develop a balanced mental and physical health and thus a positive attitude toward life while arousing public attention on under-resourced children.


“@Dream Sustainable Development Program” is a brand new one-year charitable program that aims to provide under-resourced children in the Mainland and Hong Kong with an unconventional learning platform that offers them knowledge outside textbooks as well as training opportunities. In addition, under the four themes of sports, music, learning and emotion, the moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetics development of the children will be nurtured; their visions will be broadened; and the realization of their seemingly untouchable goals will be given a helpful boost. Meanwhile, through this program, the concept of “Caring for Children” is publicized and further support and participation of people from all quarters of society are highly encouraged.

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@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra
@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra 2@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra 3@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra 4

@Dream – Rainbow Orchestra

Jointly with Fengxian District Education Bureau, Shanghai, NWDS set up a children orchestra. Training in vocal and instrument playing were provided by professionals to ensure the singing and instrument playing standards of the members from July to December 2013. The orchestra staged its first interim performance to the public at Hong Kong New World Department Store- Shanghai Shaanxi Road Branch Store in the afternoon of 18 October 2013 to fully demonstrate their hard work and dedication in the learning. With the impressive performance and interactive games, both students and audiences had an enjoyable yet inspiring journey of music.

  The Rainbow Orchestra of Jinhui School in Shanghai Fengxian District dedicated “Dancing with the Dragon” performed by its Chinese folk music band to the audience to mark a perfect beginning to the show.
  The Rainbow Orchestra of Jinhui School in Shanghai Fengxian District dedicated “Dancing with the Dragon” performed by its Chinese folk music band to the audience to mark a perfect beginning to the show.Guests carried out a grand launch action by watering plant seedlings together with “@Dream Sand Pots” which symbolizes that the collaboration between NWDS and caring enterprises could cultivate little seedlings to grow into towering trees.Group photos of guests. The children benefited from “@Soul – Distant Calls” charitable campaign impressed the audience with their angelic voices and joyful Tibet dance originated from the Plateau.The pipa team of the Rainbow Orchestra played an accompaniment for the English poem recitation of students of “@Learning – Education Voyage” program.

Annual Performance of “@Dream Sustainable Development Program”

In September 2014, NWDS held @Dream Sustainable Development Program’s annual performance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with the participation of over 700 teachers, students and representatives from different community groups to witness the students’ achievements over the past year. The “@Dream Sustainable Development Program” received country-wide recognition and the highlights of the annual performance were featured on the news channel of Shanghai Television and Fengxian Television unprecedentedly, generating a total of 117 news reports.


@Learning – Education Voyage

@Learning – Education Voyage

NWDS joined hands with Fengxian District Education Bureau, Shanghai in July 2013 to set up initiation courses for the primary schools for children of migrant workers in the district to discover participants’ potentials and proclivity in English, calligraphy, drawing, handicraft and scientific studies. These courses also nurtured and enhanced the participants’ overall quality. Around 100 schoolchildren were benefited.

@Sports - Hope Walkathon 1
@Sports - Hope Walkathon 1@Sports - Hope Walkathon 2@Sports - Hope Walkathon 3

@Sports - Hope Walkathon

Collaborating with China Women’s Development Foundation and Children’s Hope Foundation, NWDS launched “New Life ‧ New World” children fundraising walkathon in four cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Chengdu, on 3rd Aug. With an aim to encourage children to take practical actions to render help and care to children in difficulties in order to nurture their sense of social responsibility, nearly 640 children, NWDS volunteers and caring public have joined the walkathon and a total amount of RMB 70,000 was raised to help children suffering from poverty, sickness and abuse.

@Sports – Tennis Academy 1
@Sports – Tennis Academy 1@Sports – Tennis Academy 2

@Sports – Tennis Academy

NWDS collaborated with Shanghai Changning District Sports Association to launch a year-long tennis training program for 50 enthusiastic students who lack of learning opportunities from Changning District, Shanghai for free to arouse their interest and potential in sports, so as to promote their physical and mental health.

@Sports – Soccer Dreams
@Sports – Soccer Dreams@Sports – Soccer Dreams 2@Sports – Soccer Dreams 3

@Sports – Soccer Dreams

NWDS partnered with Youth Daily to launch the “@Sports – Soccer Dreams” activity, a public recruitment of soccer balls and other related gear from 20 June to 9 July 2014 at 10 NWDS Shanghai stores. On 12 July, we were honored to invite Mr. Cheng Yaodong, coach of the Shanghai Shenxin Football Club, and Mr. Wang Yun, player of the Chinese Football Association Super League, to give nearly 70 migrant children an interactive football lesson.

@Sports – Cool Soccer
@Sports – Cool Soccer@Sports – Cool Soccer 2@Sports – Cool Soccer 3@Sports – Cool Soccer 4@Sports – Cool Soccer 5

@Sports – Cool Soccer

NWDS announced its second collaboration with Shanghai Changning District Sports Association to jointly launch “@Sports – Cool Soccer” training program in January 2015 following the previous success of “@Sports – Tennis Academy” tennis training program. The program aims to enhance the well-being of the students as well as cultivating their good sportsmanship in terms of perseverance, team spirit and respect for rules. One-year free elementary course will be provided to 100 students aged 7 to 12 from Shanghai Changning District Tianshan No.2 Primary School who have potential in soccer but lack learning opportunities. The 300-hour training curriculum would include basic soccer skills, teamwork training and special techniques and classes would be taught three times a week by three professional coaches.

NWDS’ management, leaders of its partners turned on the @Dream launching device together to kick start the performances on that day, symbolizing their collective efforts to help children pursue their dreams with the establishment of an athlete competition platforms.
NWDS’ management, leaders of its partners turned on the @Dream launching device together to kick start the performances on that day, symbolizing their collective efforts to help children pursue their dreams with the establishment of an athlete competition platforms. Winners of the “@Dream Cup・Soccer Tournament” replayed their fabulous skills in the final.The “Demonstration Show cum Award Ceremony of @Dream Annual Games’ Finalists” completed with satisfaction.Zhou Yuxuan from Shanghai Changning Road Primary School won the honor of the “@Dream Sunshine Teen” with her Dai dance.@Dream Cup・Tennis Tournament

NWDS @Dream Annual Games

NWDS held an annual heavy-weighted event of the @Dream Sustainable Development Program, “NWDS @Dream Annual Games”, from July to September 2015, to increase public awareness to whole-person development and recognize students for their continuous hard work. The Games is consisted of five key components, namely the “@Dream Cup・Soccer Tournament”, the “@Dream Cup・Tennis Tournament”, the “@Dream Sunshine Teen” Voting Campaign, the “Demonstration Show cum Award Ceremony of @Dream Annual Games’ Finalists” and the “@Dream Sunshine Teen Charity Actions”. The “Demonstration Show cum Award Ceremony of @Dream Annual Games’ Finalists” was held at Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club’s training center on 25 September 2015, inviting over 400 people from all walks of life to appreciate the superb football and tennis skills of the winning teams of the “@Dream Cup・Soccer Tournament” and the “@Dream Cup・Tennis Tournament”. The “@Dream Sunshine Teen” winner, Zhou Yuxuan, was also selected on that day.

@Soul – Distant Calls 1
@Soul – Distant Calls 1@Soul – Distant Calls 2@Soul – Distant Calls 3@Soul – Distant Calls 4

@Soul – Distant Calls

Collaborating with “My Soul Campaign” Charitable Society and Red Cross Society of Qinghai, NWDS raised donations of unused mobile phones and long distant call charges at stores from September to November 2013. 418 pieces of cell phones were collected. NWDS and the Society plan to distribute the phones to Menyuan Boarding School and Menyuan’s Qing Shi Zui Boarding School in Qinghai Province in April 2013 for children to start a heart-to-heart conversation with their parents.

@Soul - Santa Claus is Coming 1
@Soul - Santa Claus is Coming 1@Soul - Santa Claus is Coming 2

@Soul - Santa Claus is Coming

NWDS launched “Santa Claus is Coming” charitable event with Youth Daily on 26 November 2013 with an aim to craft a merry and warm Christmas for migrant children.Tapping on both parties’ resources, both parties recruited Santa impersonators from the public and the workforce. Meanwhile, Youth Daily reporters gathered Christmas wishes from the students of Dabieshan Primary School in Pudong, Shanghai and published a Christmas wish list which was pending to be redeemed by warm-hearted readers. 10 NWDS “Ba Li Chun Tian” branded department stores in Shanghai also helped display in-store wish boards and welcome customers to claim the wishes and make them come true. Also, NWDS Volunteer Team arranged visit to the school before Christmas together with Santa Claus impersonators and wish claimants to present the long-desired Christmas gifts and interact with the children.


@Soul - Wish upon a Star 1
@Soul - Wish upon a Star 1@Soul - Wish upon a Star 2

@Soul - Wish upon a Star

NWDS co-operated with Shanghai Children’s Medical Center to collect spare toys and school supplies at 10 stores in Shanghai respectively from January to March and August 2014. Over 1500 pieces of toys and school supplies were successfully acquired for the sick children of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. NWDS Volunteer Team also pays visits to the sick children regularly to encourage them to receive treatment with positive attitude.

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